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Fitness is on every mind, but what about remaining fit during travel?

While it is true that physical fitness is the order of the day, how does one achieve it? Common sense perhaps indicates the right diet and hygiene, avoiding detrimental habits and working out at the gym, of course. Playing games like football or at least walking, jogging or running on a regular basis should keep the body in good shape. Do you fancy cardio, martial arts, or aquatics? And for the technology guys, you have all those dainty gadgets that measure where you have reached in terms of calories, heartbeat and respiration, the steps you walked, a place to store your thoughts and feelings and communicate with friends.

No, we are not really talking about unaffordable gadgets, but mobile phone apps that could achieve all that at a fraction of the price... Humanity always hit the road down the many millennia of existence as we do each single day. Those hectic commutes to work and study are lengthy enough, though you return each night. Some professions are always traveling like the sales people whose incomes are derived from commissions, one of the most painstaking adventures. By the nature of their professions, drivers and air hostesses are constantly on the move.

What about the global trade in tourism with high flying air packages and glamorous resorts tucked away in deserts, beaches and mountaintops? An element of risk is involved in every kind of travel but that makes up the adventure and the thrill. The family package may bring greater worry compared to the lonely backpacker but millions accomplish family vacations each year.

Physical fitness during travel is the big question mark

The moment we depart from the traditional home comfort zone and expose to the travails of the road, we compromise the regular routine. A little whisper somewhere in the consciousness indicates that this fortnight or month is going to be different.

The daily yoga and meditation, walks and runs, games and cards, would all be disrupted among strange places and crazy aliens. We take a holiday from life, it seems, left with no options. Professional travel rather than the dream setting does require discipline and stamina to cope with official needs like attending meetings.

On the other hand, vacationers are lost in a vision of scenic beauty, famous landmarks, gambling perhaps, beauty treatments and sports too like skiing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to deal with the diet?

Since travel is always so hectic and exhausting, a good diet is compulsory, deliberately eaten to satiety. The opposite is usually true when fast food often serves the purpose with no attention to diet. Spinning around from morning to night, undertaking lengthy travel and witnessing unfamiliar sights does cause dehydration too. Healthy foods like cheese and fish and meat would find appropriate niches on the menu along with plenty of drinking water to make up for the extreme loss of energy. Vegetarian diets too could serve the purpose with a variety of nuts included.

Do I have to do sports, or can I just walk?

Unlike the usual practice, the daily walk, jog or run should continue during travel and vacation days! Strange as it may sound, the truth is that hills and valleys occur during vacations too like always. After hectic sightseeing for a couple of days, the itinerary allows a rest day to recover your strength and nerves like if you have been trekking or mountain climbing. Even if it is a tight schedule, a brief run, walk or jog early in the morning before you depart would refresh you for the day and put you at ease. The endorphin factor Is crucial and you feel good too. Instead of getting carried away in wonder, keep the feet on the ground and continue that early morning brief spell to prep you up for the day. Many people find that quite funny, but what is so odd about it? You are preserving health and physical fitness. Make sure you carry the right shoes.

Attempt exotic methods of taming body and mind?

Each activity required some basic materials that you carried or found available. Yoga and meditation require no specific equipment unless it is the mat, but the carpet would be found everywhere. Practice a few simple postures or breathing exercises to revive feelings, thoughts and emotions. Commune with nature in devoted meditation. A stint at bedtime would ensure restful sleep with sweet dreams.

Whats the secret to good health?

Bathing often, observing personal hygiene and changing inners on a daily basis would ensure that you remain in tip top condition. Carrying enough clothes would be bothersome, but worth it when you consider the advantages of refreshed days and peaceful nights amidst mystic nature and the wafting scenario of faraway ambiences.

Is swimming in the pool a good option?

Swimming is a rather common activity, even during holidays and many indulge in indoor or outdoor pools. Those few minutes in private are rather important like a daily dose of prayer. Being sociable is fine, but we hardly make friends easily. When you come out of the pool refreshed after that interminable journey to stare at some museum exhibits or shopping on the beach, you would be grateful that you brought the swim gear along. Discover the neighborhood of the starry hotel or dream world resort by marching through the streets around. Avoid getting stuck in the excessive formality of dress or manners. You would immediately feel at home and become familiar with some crucial landmarks like the bank and post office too. An independent approach works wonders rather than the slavish adherence to the itinerary.

Is it possible to work out in a hotel room?

If you wish to do things quietly in the hotel room rather than expose to curious glances of the natives and locals, the jump rope would be your intimate friend. Working out this way should be good enough to deliver ample exercise, followed by refreshments and rest. It needs to be done on a regular daily basis, though with the appropriate number of jumps. Physical fitness is no big deal really and a pair of boxing gloves if you fancy that would relieve a lot of tensions. A boxing bag is not really necessary. Working out with the gloves should allow a lot of strenuous exercise in thin air unless you want to go at the wall. The furniture available in hotel rooms should provide enough inspiration to attempt chair crunches, lunges and calf raises. Privacy would be needed to practice such exercises and manipulation of time and space may be required with some careful planning.

How to share experiences with the world

In order to make sense of all that you are doing, find some time to enter information in the mobile phone app and even chat online to exchange notes about experiences. Besides, you would have a record for future reference. Some people do it thoroughly with fitness software and record a lot of autobiographical detail that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Uploading photographs online would be an excellent way of sharing.

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